The Best Tips For Juneau Whale Watch Tours

The waters off of Juneau are one of the best places to spot whales, especially if you have a skilled guide. If you’re on a boat with an experienced tour operator, you’ll be able to see these majestic creatures up close. Want to get even more out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience? These tips will help you have a great time on Juneau whale watching tours.

Book Your Tour With An Experienced And Trustworthy Company in Alaska.

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It’s vital that you book your tour with a company that’s highly reputable. Evaluate any tour operator that you’re thinking about. Seek out reviews. Ask them for references. Make sure that they know exactly what they are doing.

The tour operator that you travel with can make or break your experience. You shouldn’t go on a whale tour with just anyone. You should research your options carefully so that you can find the best tour operators in all of Juneau.

Check The Forecast Before You Leave For Your Excursion

You should take a look at the weather forecast when you’re booking your trip. If possible, you should try to book your excursion for a day that’s going to be calmer. It will be a lot more difficult for you to see whales in rough waters.

You should check the weather again the day before your trip. Look at both the weather and the marine forecast. If you see that the forecast predicts high winds, you can expect a rocky ride.

Any legitimate operator will cancel a trip if it’s unsafe to take a boat out on the water. That said, a lot of whale watching Juneau tours take place in rocky waters. If you look at the forecast, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming.

Consider Taking Anti-Nausea Medication

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Have you spent a lot of time on boats in the past? If you don’t have a lot of experience with sea travel, you should think about taking some sort of over-the-counter anti-nausea medication before you leave. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting seasick on your journey.

This kind of medication tends to be a lot more effective if it’s taken before the symptoms of nausea kick in. Take your medication sooner rather than later. If you’re not sure how you’ll react to your time on the water, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Pack Carefully

These tours are anything but short. You can expect to spend an entire day on a boat. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you’re fully packed before you leave.

What kinds of things should you bring with you? You’ll definitely want to bring a hat and sunscreen. Even though Juneau has a colder climate, you can still get a nasty sunburn when you’re on the water. You should also bring a rain jacket so that you can keep your clothes dry. Snacks and bottled water are also smart items to pack.

Read Up On Whales Ahead Of Time

Whales are incredible to see even if you don’t know anything about them. Still, seeing whales is more exciting if you’re more familiar with them and their behaviors. If you research whales before you leave, you’ll be able to look for specific things. You’ll have a deeper understanding of the things you are seeing.

If you’re not a big reader, you should watch documentaries on whales. You may even find some movies that showcase whale tours. No matter what your methods, you should try to learn as much as you can about this marine species.

Check To See The Recent Sightings In The Area

You should be able to find detailed information about recent whale sightings in the Juneau area. While this won’t be a complete list of sightings, it will give you a better idea of what you can expect.

A lot of tour companies have information about whale sightings on their websites. You can browse their sights, read more about the whales that people spotted on recent excursions, and get excited about your upcoming tour.

Juneau whale watching tours are incredible under any circumstances. That said, you’ll be able to get more out of your tour if you keep these tips in mind. Follow this advice if you’re exciting your upcoming whale watching excursion.

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